Popular food of kolkata

Popular food of Kolkata

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Kolkata A city rich in culinary traditions and well-known for its varied food options, has an enthralling food culture that entices the palates of visitors and residents alike. From delicious street food to sweet treats that are delicious Kolkata’s culinary scene is a gorgeous array of tastes and smells. In this article, we’ll tell you the popular food of kolkata who are the core of Kolkata’s thriving food scene. Each leaves an impression on everyone who tastes these dishes.


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Kathi Roll

A culinary masterpiece that was created in Kolkata the Kathi Roll has become an integral part of Kolkata’s street food scene. These delicious wraps include cooked meats on skewers, like tender chicken or succulent kebabs that are wrapped in the form of a paratha (flatbread) and topped with chilies, onions, and delicious sauces. The Kathi Roll’s enticing combination of flavors and its convenience for eating on the go makes it a popular snack for Kolkatans and earn its place in Kolkata’s food hall of fame.


Puchka (Panipuri)

A fav street food that transcends the boundaries of regional borders, Puchka holds a special place in Kolkata’s culinary throne. The small hollow, round puris are packed with a delicious mix of tamarind-infused water that is spicy as well as chickpeas, potatoes and a variety of savory flavor. The explosion of taste that is each bite is an unforgettable taste that captures the essence Kolkata’s lively street food scene. Book your cheap flights to kolkata with lowest flight fares and save a great amount of money.



Bengal’s Biryani is a delicious food that combines Mughlai with Bengali influences. The delicate long-grain rice cooked with succulent meat pieces as well as aromatic spices and boiled eggs, create the perfect symphony of flavor that lasts for a long time. Kolkata’s Biryani different from other regional variants, is renowned for its delicate spice use and distinctive flavor profile of potatoes, which makes it an essential dish for any visitor to Kolkata.



Rosogolla is a sweet delight that has earned worldwide recognition, Rosogolla is an essential part of Kolkata’s culinary tradition. Soft, spongy small cottage cheese chunks are bathed in sugar syrup to create an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth sensation that has a lasting sweetness. Kolkata’s Rosogolla is well-known for its delicate texture and distinctive taste which earned it an Geographical Indication (GI) tag as an old-fashioned Bengali sweet.



A cherished street food that is a reflection of the city’s love of sweet and spicy flavors. Jhalmuri is an enticing mix of peanuts, puffed rice diced onions, chilies green mustard oil and a selection of spices. Contained in paper cones, Jhalmuri is a popular snack that’s both inexpensive and addicting. It’s an absolute must-have for those who want to enjoy Kolkata’s street food culture in its finest.


These five dishes are the essence of Kolkata’s culinary identity, from its delicious street foods to delicious sweets. The diverse tastes and scents of these famous foods is an integral aspect of any trip to Kolkata which allows you to enjoy the city’s diverse food culture and revel in the pleasure of its vibrant culinary options.

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