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Prospects of Vending Machine Resale Value

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A vending machine maintains a good resale value. A quality vending machine will only be slightly cheaper than a new one after some years of use with proper maintenance. Several factors determine the machine’s resale value, some of which include:

  1. Technological Advancement: A vending machine for sale equipped with the latest features, such as touchscreens and remote monitoring capabilities, may hold a better resale value as they offer a better user experience and operational efficiency.
  2. Convenience: A vending machine with a wide location option, like schools, hospitals, and offices, has a better resale value. With the need for convenience, a resale value of a machine that caters to broad use will always be maintained.
  3. Condition and Maintenance: The overall condition of a vending machine significantly affects its resale value. A well-maintained machine with regular servicing and up-to-date components will likely command a higher resale price than those in poor condition.
  4. Brand Reputation: The resale price can depend on the brand of your machine. Having a device from an established brand with a track record for reliability and quality gives buyers confidence, even during resale.
  5. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Initiative: Environmental concerns are driving the adoption of eco-friendly appliances. Energy-efficient vending machines that use sustainable materials and offer recycling options have a high resale value due to their alignment with eco-conscious expectations.

How Do I Maintain the Resale Value of My Vending Machine?

There are several ways of preserving the resale value of your vending machine. They include:

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Keep your vending machine clean both internally and externally. This can be achieved with a regular wipe of the exterior to maintain its appearance and by purchasing a machine with self-cleaning technology to maintain the cleanliness of the internal component. 

Regular Servicing

Taking the machine to your manufacturer for maintenance and servicing can reserve its resale value. They check the internal components and repair worn-out parts, reducing the likelihood of breakdown and improving the machine’s overall condition. 

Upkeep the Technological Features

If you have a technologically advanced machine, such as a bean-to-cup vending machine, ensure the technological components are upgraded and updated to maintain the quality of beverages. Keeping up with the latest technology helps to update the machine’s security features, preserving its resale value.

Keep an Equipment Maintenance Record

Easy to ignore, but keeping a detailed record of all the repairs a vending machine went through, helps increase the perceived value of your appliance. After assessing the device thoroughly, and if presented with documentation, buyers begin to show confidence in the machine.

Store the Vending Machine Properly

Store your vending machine in an area suitable for its size and weight. Ideally, the place should be clean, dry and free from extreme temperature fluctuations to prevent rust and wear and tear caused by extreme temperatures. Like any machine, vending machines experience a decrease in price during a resale. Following these steps can help maintain the quality of the machine and prevent its decay. 

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