Realizing The Magnificence of Amethyst Jewelry

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Amethyst jewelry is by far, one of the most beautiful and alluring gemstone jewelry in the world. In the world of gems and jewels, this mystic and marvelous stone is adored to be the birthstone jewelry associated with the month of February.

What gives the wearer a sense of pride and honor while adorning himself with amethyst is its unmatchable elegance and beauty, as well as its miraculous and astounding healing properties that work collectively to benefit the mind, body and soul.

An epitome of power, courage and strength, you will find Amethyst Jewelry, like that shimmering and shining piece of amethyst pendant or amethyst necklace, in the colouration that will range from being blue to green.

Know the Amethyst Jewelry

Derived from the ancient Greek epithet “amethystos” that translates to “not intoxicating”, amethyst is basically a lilac variety of quartz and is also quite a valuable semi-precious stone in the market.

Its glorious history dates back to almost 2000 years ago. And since then, it has been exclusively used by jewelry lovers both for its high ornamental value, as well as for its immensely miraculous and magical healing properties.

One of the major factors that make amethyst quite popular in the market is its plentiful availability in abundance across the world. Besides, its high-quality and affordable prices as compared to similar graded gems in the market have surge its demands to peak level.

Eventually, you will find that every gemstone jewelry lover has considered adding amethyst to his/her mystic jewelry collection at least once in his/her lifetime.

The gemstone jewelry market has got to offer a plethora of varieties for those looking to buy adorable specimens of amethyst jewelry. From that stylish and sizzling amethyst ring, to that glittering and stupendous pair of amethyst earrings, every piece of this marvelous stone is worth adoring and exploring.

Recently, the market has also witnessed a sudden spike in the demand of big-size earrings and pendants, which looks extremely eye-captivating and adorable when complimented with a ethnic or traditional attire.

Big-size amethyst earrings and pendants will add an instant grace to your jewelry collection, and your aesthetics.

Here are some of the most notable types of amethyst jewelry in the market:

● Purple amethyst

● Cape amethyst

● Pink amethyst

● Prasiolite

● Ametrine

Besides all these above-mentioned hues of amethyst jewelry, a new variety of amethyst known as the synthetic amethyst has also become quite popular and trendy in the market.

Properties of Amethyst jewelry


One of the major factors that contribute towards the lasting and eye-captivating beauty of amethyst jewelry is its exquisite and cheerful hues. Usually, there is a primary shade of purple, which is often complimented with streaks of color zoning that depicts a mix shade of a couple of hues on its surface.

In some pieces, the color could be quite dark and rich, like red or black and even the lavender shade with blue and white stripes on its surface.


Most jewelry gemstones available in the market usually have bubbles and some areas of discolouration beneath their surface. But mind it, this is not the obvious case for amethyst.

In most amethyst jewelry, they will always have threads beneath their surface and not bubbles.


Amethyst jewelry stones feature flaws and irregularities on its surface, just like all gemstones do.

Real amethyst, in terms of color grading, will also have numerous sporadic colors of violet, blue, and white in addition to the primary shade of purple. Additionally, a few minor surface scratches from use and abuse will be apparent.


If you see that amethyst is available in a variety of shapes, such as heart, round, pear, etc., don’t be sceptical. Given that amethyst is a delicate, easily cut gemstone, these differences are extremely prevalent.

Astonishing Benefits of Wearing Amethyst jewelry

The Healing and Protective Stone

What makes amethyst one of the most magical gemstones in the world is that it is bestowed by mother nature herself with some immensely powerful properties that are capable of transforming your life and bringing it right on the track of process and progress.

It also eases down the mental trauma by relieving anxiety, depression and other mental disorder. Goes without saying, a unassailable shield against negativity lingering in the surrounding.

Amethyst leads to Positivity and Peace

Putting an amethyst stone in your home or office emanates serenity and positivity in the environment and creates a blissful aura in-n-around.

If you think that the vibes of your house or office has become too much negative and suffocating, then consider putting a piece of amethyst stone in the hallway or the lobby to bless the aura with a touch of positivity and peacefulness.

Amethyst Improves Hormonal Health

By boosting the performance of the endocrine system, amethyst leads to a proper hormonal balance in the body.

One of the most blissful health benefits of amethyst jewelry is that it leads to proper and effective hormonal balance in females by driving better functioning of the endocrine system. Also, Read more articles at

If your wife is encountering hormonal issues like breast pain, migraine, disturbed menstrual cycles, then simply gift her a piece of amethyst jewelry which will provide her a long-lasting and permanent relief from all these major health issues that are linked with improper functioning of the hormonal system.

Reduce Headaches

Intense stress and mental fatigue are two of the major factors that lead to headache nowadays. By properly diverting the energy of the mind to foster peace of mind and calmness, amethyst jewelry eases down headache and overall stress level of the body.

Besides, it is also deemed to be the divine chakra jewelry that assists the wearer to unleash the untapped potential of his crown chakra.

It Promotes Effective Weight Loss

Amethyst can help you lose weight by correctly regulating and enhancing the function of your endocrine system (which promotes better hormonal balance).

Next time, wear those enchanted amethyst bracelets or earrings even when exercising at the gym!

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