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Old roof tiles or roof tiles, insufficient thermal insulation – is your roof covering, roof structure, or roof insulation no longer up to date?

At some point, the old roof, roof structure, or thermal insulation of your roof will need to be replaced promptly in order to prevent further damage to the building structure. We’d like to walk you through the process of renovating your roof step by step in the following text. Discover which procedures are required during the planning phase, which variables you should absolutely consider when making an offer with Flat Roof Contractors NY NY, and how your remodeling project can be effectively performed.


When is a roof renovation required or beneficial? The reasons for a roof replacement might range from technical to aesthetic.

This is necessary for technical or energy reasons.

Thermal or energy-saving refurbishment should be used to reduce energy usage and hence heating costs.

On the roof, a photovoltaic or solar system should be installed. There is a contrast between on-roof and in-roof systems. In-roof systems are directly incorporated and thereby replace the roof covering. On-roof systems, on the other hand, are either installed on stands or parallel to the roof, depending on the roof’s pitch and orientation.

Water penetration from a leaky roof window, for example, has happened as a result of age-related deterioration.

Desired for reasons of modernizing

As part of an attic conversion or other remodeling or addition work, the roof will be rebuilt.

There are optical reasons for this. For example, if the paint or coating on your previous roof is flaking off, you simply don’t like it anymore or it doesn’t match the new exterior.


A fundamental distinction is drawn between a partial refurbishment, sometimes known as a repair, and a total roof renovation by Empire Construction. The dilemma also arises as to whether merely a roof cladding renovation is planned or required, whether a thermal improvement is wanted or required, or whether the complete roof structure should be replaced. The builders should also decide how the attic space will be used in the future at the outset. For example, if the attic should be renovated for residential use.

The substructure (roof battens, intermediate battens, full formwork, etc.) must be designed to accommodate the intended roof covering product. The counter battens and rafters must be dimensioned in accordance with the static criteria.

Living space in the attic

In this instance, it is best to design the roof structure with future needs in mind. Any additional windows or dormers must be designed in advance. A vented roof structure is required if the attic is to be used as a living space, as this has a good influence on the room environment in both summer and winter due to the circulating air and promotes moisture removal. Insulation between rafters is the most frequent method, but other designs are conceivable. Over-rafter insulation, on the other hand, is utilized when an exposed roof structure is required, or even when a roof has already been removed by our experts Residential Roofing Contractors NY NY and more insulation needs to be added.

Consult a professional.

When it comes to listed structures or other governmental criteria such as conserving the townscape, caution should be exercised. In New York, there are nine construction regulations. It is best to get expert guidance and obtain information directly from the building authorities. A building physicist or Local Law 11 contractor NY should be involved when thermally upgrading an old structure or addressing construction flaws in a new building. The ability of a planning office to perform this role is dependent on its area of activity.

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