Can We Skip On Submitting Supporting Documents For A Visa Application?

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Of Course, no. You must complete the submission of supporting documents for a visa application as they are the fundamentals. A visa application is incomplete even if you miss submitting one document. Each document connects and becomes a gateway for visa approval. However, supporting documents must be submitted for visa application because they help in visa processing and travelling, such as dummy health insurance

If you plan to apply for a visa, ensure that all the documents are ready and verified and that necessary bookings are made beforehand. 

Schengen Visa Application Guide

Whether you apply for a Schengen visa application or any other country visa, the rules for submission of documents are the same. But before you apply for the visa, visit the embassy website and read the updated requirements for a visa application. This way, you can save time and prevent visa application from rejection or delay. 

The documents mandatory for visa application are listed below:

  • Valid Passport
  • Schengen visa application form and fee payment
  • Passport size photographs
  • Round trip flight itinerary
  • Dummy travel/health insurance for visa
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Cover Letter and 
  • NOC Letter. 

Apart from skipping the submission of documents, there are some other significant mistakes you must avoid when applying for a visa.

Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Visa 

This holiday season, many people are planning trips abroad, but many don’t get to go because their visa application was refused, usually because they made a mistake. It is important that before applying you keep your documents ready. And having documents ready is not just a task that has to be fulfilled for a visa application. Your documents must meet the requirements, they must be verified and keep multiple copies of your documents. 

Other mistakes that people make while applying for a visa application are listed below. Ensure when you apply for the visa you do not make these mistakes so that you can grab your visa without any hustle or delay. 

Here are the three of the most popular ones you should know about so you can go to your desired destination:

  • Compare What’s On The Form With What’s On The Legal Papers.

When filling out a visa application form, applicants must include all the requested information in the style shown based on their travel documents. There are often mistakes on the visa application form, like the name, passport number, or date of birth not being the same as in the passport. 

Even though this seems like a no-brainer, most people write information that doesn’t match their official papers or proof of identity. If the person’s first and last name is written backward on official papers, writing it any other way will cause your visa to have the wrong information.

  • Check The List For Your Country.

A plan is a valuable tool for creating an application that will always work. One of the most common mistakes that applicants make is not using the checklist or a standard checklist for visa applications. It means they need to include important papers when sending their application.

It’s essential to remember that different countries have different standards for visa documents. For example, for dummy health insurance every country has set a different standard of coverage. Therefore, you must select a package that is affordable and offers coverage of at least $50,000. You can check for the requirements of travel insurance for Schengen visa and other documents on the embassy’s website of the country you are applying for. 

Even if more than one document is needed, the application might not be complete. Before you apply for the visa, check the information that should be sent with the country-specific paperwork.

  • Get Your Bank Records Certified.

Some countries ask applicants to show their bank records signed by an official. Most travellers know that they need to submit bank statements, but they often need to have these bank statements verified. You must present attested bank statements to show that you have enough money for the trip and that your credit is in good shape.

By following these rules, we do not guarantee the visa approval but your visa process will take less time.

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