The Art of Making Your Board Look Cooler: A Custom Lettering and Typography (Painted Surfboards)

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Are you tired of people constantly judging your lackluster surfing skills? Do you want to distract them with something else, like a rad surfboard design? Look no further because we have a guide for you. In this blog, we’ll explore the art of making your surfboard look more incredible than your surfing skills with custom lettering and typography. We’ll cover ideas for your design, care tips to keep it looking fresh, and the many benefits of having a unique painted surfboard design. So let’s dive in!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing: Cool Ideas for Your Custom Surfboard Design!

When it comes to custom lettering and typography on your painted surfboard, the possibilities are truly endless. It’s all about what you want to convey with your design. Here are some ideas:

  • Script font: A classic, elegant look that never goes out of style.
  • Bold graphic lettering: Make a statement with big, bold letters that demand attention.
  • Retro-inspired typography: Go for a vintage vibe with typography inspired by classic surf designs from the 60s and 70s.
  • Nature-inspired designs: Embrace the natural beauty of the ocean with designs featuring waves, palm trees, or other ocean elements.
  • Inspirational quotes: Choose a quote that inspires you and has it lettered on your board for a constant reminder of what motivates you.
  • Personalized design: Get creative and make it personal by incorporating your name, nickname, or other personal details into the design.

No matter what design you choose, remember to have fun with it. After all, your custom surfboard reflects you and your unique style.

Stand Out in Style: The Benefits of Custom Lettering and Typography on Your Surfboard

The benefits of custom lettering and typography on your painted surfboard! Where do I even begin? Let me tell you, it’s not just about looking cool (although that’s a big part of it).

  • First and foremost, customizing your surfboard with a unique design will make it stand out from the sea of plain and boring boards.
  • No more mistaking your board for someone else’s! You’ll be the envy of all the other surfers as they drool over your personalized masterpiece.
  • And let’s not forget about the bonus of being able to start conversations with other surfers.
  • No longer will you have to awkwardly nod at someone while wondering if they’re admiring your board or just eyeing it up for themselves.
  • Instead, you can proudly point out the design and bask in the compliments that come your way.

So yes, while the primary benefit may be looking fabulous and unique, plenty of other perks come with customizing your surfboard with custom lettering and typography.

Finding the Michelangelo of Surfboards: Choose the Right Artist for Your Custom Design

Finding the right artist to bring your custom surfboard design to life is like finding the perfect wave – it takes time and patience, but the result is worth it.

Start by doing your research.

  • Look for artists specializing in custom surfboard design and have a portfolio showcasing their work.
  • Check out their social media pages and read reviews from other customers to understand their style and reputation.
  • Once you’ve narrowed your list of artists, contact them to discuss your design ideas and get a quote for their services.
  • Be sure to ask about their process and timeline, and don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients.
  • When choosing an artist, finding someone who can bring it to life in a way that exceeds your expectations is essential.
  • Look for an artist who is collaborative, open to your feedback throughout the design process, and has the skills and expertise.

Remember, your custom surfboard is an investment, so finding the right artist to help you create a unique piece you’ll cherish for years is worth it.

Get Crafty: DIY Custom Lettering and Typography on Your Surfboard

So you’re feeling crafty and want to try your hand at custom lettering and typography on your surfboard? Good for you! With the right tools and creativity, you can create a masterpiece that will make all your surfing buddies jealous.

But before you do, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to ensure you’re well-equipped for the task. So please put on your favorite playlist, and let’s dive in!

Q: What sort of paint should I use?

A: Acrylic paint is the way to go, my friend. Not only is it waterproof (a must-have for any surfboard), but it also dries quickly. Be sure to choose a high-quality brand that won’t fade or peel over time.

Q: Can I paint any surfboard?

A: Technically, yes. However, consider the shape and material of your board before you start painting. Some boards may be more challenging to work with than others.

Q: Can I paint over existing graphics on my surfboard?

A: Absolutely! You can give your board a fresh look by painting over existing graphics. Just sand the surface first to create a smooth base for your new design.

Q: Do I need to protect my painted surfboard?

A: Yes, you want to protect your masterpiece from the elements. We recommend clear coating and proper storage to keep your board in top condition.

We hope this has been useful in your DIY lettering journey. Don’t forget to have fun and let your creativity shine through in your custom surfboard design!

The Ultimate Care Tips for Your Custom Lettering and Typography Designs

Now that you’ve got your custom lettering and typography on your painted surfboard, you’ll want to ensure it stays fresh and pristine for as long as possible.

Here are some ideas to make sure you’re properly taking care of your custom surfboard:

  • Rinse your board with fresh water after every use, ensuring you get in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Use a gentle soap if necessary, but rinse it off thoroughly.
  • Dry your board with a towel to prevent water spots, and let it air dry completely before storing it.
  • Place your painted surfboard in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent warping and cracking.
  • Avoid leaving your board in a hot car or direct sunlight for long periods, as this can cause damage to the paint and board itself.

By taking proper care of your custom surfboard, you can ensure that it stays looking fresh and cool for years to come.


In conclusion, custom lettering and typography on your surfboard is a great way to showcase your style and make your board stand out. From classic script fonts to bold graphic designs. So get out there and show off your new, totally rad painted surfboard design. Who knows, people will even forget about your lackluster surfing skills.


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