The Growing Popularity Of Modern Farmhouse Design

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A farmhouse-style house is something that we are all familiar with, they have an easy-life feeling to them, a vibe that literally screams rustic meets comfort. But this design is not new, rather it has been in the interior design market for decades and decades.

As kids, we were used to seeing our grandparents living in these houses, and we loved spending our summer breaks there. But with time a lot has changed, now it is not just restricted to seniors, rather many young adults, and adults have also started to build their houses following this style.

Moreover, if you ever read any architectural magazine or blog, you will also notice that many celebrities have also adopted a farmhouse style in their house. Homeowners around the world are adding a modern grey front door to their homes and vintage accessories and furniture for that vintage and rustic feel.

But with time, this design style has taken a modern twist, instead of using all-wood accessories and fenestrations, they are using materials like PVC and UPVC which are more eco-friendly and weather resistant than others. This is why homeowners of today like using UPVC stable doors rather than the ones which are made up of wood.

Other than that almost all thighs are still the same, it still has that welcoming and family-friendly appeal to it. So, if you are someone who is planning to reset their living situation and move towards the countryside to live a simple and laid-back life then a modern farmhouse style might just be the style that you should definitely try.

In the next portion of the blog post, we have tried to put down all the design elements that are a must in a modern farmhouse setup.

How To Design A Modern Farmhouse?

If you have decided to design your house completely then for sure it can feel a bit overwhelming in the beginning. See, designing a farmhouse is nowhere similar t designing a normal house or apartment, it has its very own characteristics.

So, to make this journey a little easy for you, we have tried to put some key design elements which are a must in all farmhouse-style homes.

  • Start The Design With Simple Structures And Clean Lines –

    Whenever we think of a farmhouse, the image that comes to our mind is that of a house with straight walls and an A-line roof. If you are designing your own house then make sure you keep an open floor plan around the house. Other things that you can incorporate in the design are, a ton of farmhouse-style windows made out of UPVC material, a covered porch, and for the back door option, you can use a UPVC stable door, probably in the colour white or something in pastels. Adding a large number of windows and keeping an open floor plan will help in letting in a ton of natural light into the home, reflecting the true nature of a farmhouse-style house.

  • Create A Center Of Attention In The Design –

    The idea of a farmhouse-style house first came into existence at an age when it was all about grand wall fixtures and big kitchen islands. We understand that in today’s architecture, a lot has changed but still, there are many things about two of the style that can still work pretty perfectly. That is the same when it comes to adding focal points in a room, focal points help in creating a nice flow in any space while helping in the overall design process. For instance, you can add a nice fireplace in the centre of one wall of your living room or can also put it in a corner, that can become the focal point of that particular room and it will also be the very first thing that grabs people’s attention when they enter. Similarly, besides adding UPVC stable doors in your kitchen you can also add a large kitchen island, you can use this as a breakfast bar or also put your sink set up or oven on this. The idea is to bring a homely and warm feeling into the space, moreover, you can also check Pinterest for some inspiration.

  • Add Some Exposed Beams –

    Wooden exposed beams are an integral part of almost all traditional farmhouses. But if you don’t want to use wooden beams then you can try using metal beams and paint a natural wood tone on them. Just imagine walking into your living room and looking up at the exposed beam ceiling, the warmth, and cosiness that it will add to the room is genuinely unmatchable. The aim behind creating a modern farmhouse design is not about completely changing the rustic and vintage feel, rather it is about bringing a perfect balance between traditional and modern design elements.

For instance, you add a traditional white-coloured porch, but then add a modern grey front door to create a perfect balance between the two.

Tips For Decorating A Modern Farmhouse-Style Home


  • Keep A Minimalistic Approach Throughout The House

    Use a metal frame bed for all the rooms, don’t overdo it with the decor pieces, and use a farmhouse sink with black or silver hardware.

  • Add A Lot Of Natural Elements To The House

    For instance, instead of using a glass tray or fruit bowl use one that is made out of natural things like wicker, cotton, or natural stones.

  • Create A Nice Mixture Between Modern Minimalistic And Vintage Rustic

    You can use wooden vintage furniture around the house, but with that, you can also add some modern fenestrations, like for your front door options you can choose a modern grey front door.

  • Use A Neutral Colour Palette

    Neutral colour palettes work great in adding an earthy and warm vibe to a space, so use colours like beige, cream, grey, and white, you can also throw in some white and green into this. Use a contemporary style for prints and patterns to add that modern essence to the space.

Final Takeaway

With time many interior and architectural designs have gone out of fashion. But time and again this pattern of change has been challenged by the farmhouse style. There have been many adjustments and changes to this style with time, but it has been successful in adapting to all the changes. This is why many homeowners of today are using a modern farmhouse style for their homes and creating a perfect balance between traditional porches and modern material UPVC stable doors.

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