Tips For Selecting the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Stucco House

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Painting the house interior can be daunting, but selecting the right exterior paint color is more challenging. The House exterior is the house’s first impression that needs to be appealing. The presence of the house can be stunning if the house owner chooses the right color. Now you must be wondering what you must keep in mind when selecting the house paint. According to expert designers, there are numerous factors that need your attention before selecting the color.  

The exterior paint of the house is a long-term commitment than the interior. Exterior paint is an important part of the house that needs to be perfect. It would be best to be picky about the colors, especially when you have a stucco house. Stucco houses have unique elements that give an aesthetic appearance to the house. Moreover, it protects the material and increases the durability of the exterior. If you want to repaint stucco house, choosing the color that matches the house’s look is essential. It not only increases the curb appeal of the house but maintains a fresh and bright look of the house. If you’re thinking of painting your stucco house, don’t miss reading the following tips that make the experience perfect.  

Select The Color Outside to Repaint Stucco House  

It may be a simple tip to follow, but you should select the house exterior paint color in natural light to know exactly which color can go with your house. Many people select the color in yellow tone light bulb where they can’t see the exact color. Sunlight is quite different from lightning. It will show you the right color that you need to see. Afterall, the color of your house exterior will be visible in the sunlight to the people. So, it would be best to select the color in day light. Go outside of your stucco house and choose the color according to it.  

Look at Other Houses to Repaint Stucco House 

You can drive around and see other houses to get to know the numerous paint choices. You can observe which color attracts your eyes by looking at different houses. Evaluate the type of tone you attract: light colors, dark, cool, or warm tones. This way, you know which look you want on your house: dramatic or decent. In exploring the house, you’ll gather a lot of inspiration for your house that will help you select the right color. You’ll learn which things you like and what you don’t like.  

Neutral Colors  

Neutral color is the safest option while painting your house. It is one of the best options in case you have a stucco house. Neutral color is one of the popular trends that looks perfect on the house’s landscape. When listening to neutral, people think only about greys, tans, and beiges. But there is a wide range of variety that you can consider. You can go something creative that makes your house look unique. So, step out, see the color, and play around with them to see which color suits the house best.  

Select Subtle Colors 

When choosing a color for a stucco house, choose one that makes it more appealing. Choosing the wrong color may create problems when you need to sell your house. Thus, go for subtle colors that look pleasant on the stucco house. Choose a color that complements the stucco’s texture and helps you stand out. For example, if you want to color your house brown or dark, the hint of gold will highlight in the sunset. So, if you want to play with color, choose it carefully that perfectly goes with the house.  

Color That Goes with House Architectural Element  

One important thing that needs to be your priority is choosing the paint according to the stucco exterior. The color that highlights the architectural elements is perfect for your house. If your roof is gray, consider a contrasting shade of color. When the color goes beautifully with the house’s architecture, it makes the exterior look more stunning.  

Choose a Color from the Same Color Family 

When selecting the colors for your house exterior, choose from the same color family. Once you select the color of your house body, select some shade lighter or darker for other parts. In this way, the color will go perfectly with each other and make your house look more beautiful. Stucco houses need good blends of colors that complement each other. So, if you want to repaint stucco house, select a color from the same color family and play with their lighter or darker tone.  

Select Color According to Roof 

For selecting the best color for your house exterior, select the color according to the roof. If your roof is in a dark tone, don’t use dark colors for your exterior. It will not pull the look together. But using a slightly different color will change the feel of the stucco house.  

Furthermore, if your roof is in a cooler tone, pull the look of the house by selecting the color and getting in something darker.  

Try Something Unique 

If you want something different, try something unique. If you want something traditional, you can try the antique style with a faux effect. It will give a unique element to your house. So, if you have enough money to spend money, you can design your house in a rustic and matte finish that makes the house timeless beauty. Don’t forget to know the weather condition of your house. If you live in a cooler part of your house, decide accordingly. Gather different ideas and recreate a unique look from it that makes your house look distinctive from others.  

The Bottom Line 

Repainting your house is one of the best decisions if your house looks dull or you want to change the look of your house. The house’s exterior play an important role in catching people’s eyes. So, to increase the house’s curb appeal, select the right paint color for your house’s exterior. Don’t overdo things that make your house look a bit extra. Decide the colors according to the landscape and design of the house.  

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