Top 7 Unified Communications Platform

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If you work in a small business, your office may be connected by a single phone line where all calls come into the same physical number. If you run a more extensive operation with multiple lines or are trying to improve productivity and communication within your company–consider moving to a unified communications platform.

A UC system is a term for different technologies that help employees of any size collaborate more effectively.

Unified communications platforms are software that combines the telephone, internet, email, video conferencing, and business tools of telephony. They provide a complete channel for the company’s business-related tasks.

The top 7 Unified Communications Platforms are:

1) Vitel Global 2) Ring Central 3) Cisco UC Services 4) Skype 5) Google Hangouts 6) Yahoo Messenger 7) Callcentric for Business

There are many other unified communication solutions out there as well. As you can see, most of these platforms are costly and require a significant investment into your company’s infrastructure if they plan to use them rather than their infrastructure.

  1. Vitel Global:

Vitel is a messaging and collaboration platform that can be used with any internet-enabled device. If you ever get low on data on your cell plan, this is a beautiful way to stay connected with your friends/family members.

The platform allows for voice, video, and instant messaging communications. Incoming messages can be read on any device as well.

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This software is suitable for many things, but the main one is that it’s free and allows you to connect with anyone on any platform (web, calls, video calls, and features such as live text).

This one is pretty simple. It’s an app where you can make calls with your computer! The app itself is free and allows you to do things such as: transfer phone calls, send texts, cloud video conference calls, and even manage your instant messaging (Forwarding IMs). The best part about this software is that it will constantly sync to your phone’s “phone number,” so even if you’re on an iPad or using another software system on your computer, it will still talk to the same people as your cell phone. This software is excellent for business users who need to use their computers in emergencies (i.e., students).

The service offers secure messaging channels and the ability to share content between team members with drag-and-drop functionality.

  1. Ring Central

Ring Central is an Android app that connects directly to your phone’s “phone number” and allows you to make calls and send texts. It is excellent when you want to talk to someone or call them when unavailable. It will also let you put a call on hold (ring them and hang up after a certain amount of time) so that they’re always reachable by pushing a button if they need you. It is meant for small business owners and works on your existing phone line.

  1. Cisco

Cisco Unified Communication provides many features, including Unified Presence (brief and comprehensive notifications), Presence (availability, access, task contacts, voice mail), Instant Messaging (IM), Phone Features (call transfer, transfer from phone, call recording), Video Conferencing (conferences and call recording) and Maps for Location Based Services as well as other tools such as WebEx Meetings & WebEx Chat.

Cisco Spark is a hybrid business communications service (BBS) that connects team members in real time with audio and video chat capabilities. It is an alternative to traditional phone calls or emailing of large files.

  1. Skype

The cheapest of the bunch, great for one-on-one conversations, especially if you have a webcam set up or a microphone attached to your computer (because it will sound like you’re in the room). Skype is arguably the most popular form of VoIP communication services worldwide today, available on over three billion devices as of July 2018, including mobile devices, computers, and TVs).

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the best way to communicate with people online if you’re in a large organization or need to be available instantly. Managed Voice and Video and Automated Contact Centres. Real-Time Video Meetings can also be done.

  1. Yahoo Messenger

Provides excellent video conferencing with audio and free text chat, but at an expensive price point and with limited data plan options. This software connects you with your contacts through video chat and allows you to call them using standard services such as Skype or google hangout.

  1. Callcentric

This software is used for individuals needing a cell phone number to get a “real” phone (i.e., call me back when you’re available). The great thing about this software is that it can be paired with an existing smartphone or computer, so you don’t have to use your cell plan to make phone calls. It also includes many features like voicemail, call forwarding, and conference calling.

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