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Top Reasons FreeSWITCH Is the Best for Call Center Solution Development

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The VoIP industry has multiple technologies and frameworks that can be used to develop simple to complex communication solutions like a call center solution. Out of all available technologies, FreeSWITCH is now leading the space because of the amazing benefits and facets it has to offer. FreeSWITCH development services can be used to develop any type of communication solution and when we talk about a contact center solution, FreeSWITCH is an ideal platform.

Whether you want to offer call center services or if you are running an in-house call center, using a FreeSWITCH based call center is beneficial. Let me share the top reasons to use FreeSWITCH to build the best call center software.

1. Functionality

If we compare the core functionalities, FreeSWITCH offers almost the same functionalities as other technology options available in the market such as Asterisk, which is commonly used for developing this software. However, the plus point of FreeSWITCH over Asterisk is the flexible architecture and module-based structural design of the technology. FreeSWITCH provides features and functionalities in the form of modules. This makes it super easy for FreeSWITCH developers to develop custom call center solutions.

Some of the major features available in FreeSWITCH are voicemail, IVR menus, call recording, call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, music on hold, and more. All these features are available and already developed so developers will not need to develop them from scratch. This saves time and money.

2. Simple Connection Establishment

In any communication system working on VoIP technology, it is necessary to establish connections with other servers and endpoints like PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), VoIP systems, mobile networks, etc. Asterisk uses IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange) protocol to make a connection. But the plus point of FreeSWITCH is it does not require any exclusive protocol. It has inbuilt functionality to simplify the model of establishing a connection. In a business like a call center, where multiple endpoints need to be connected, using a FreeSWITCH based call center is definitely an advantage.

3. Multi-Tenancy

FreeSWITCH has multi-tenancy as one of the core functionalities and that gives it an upper hand compared to Asterisk. Asterisk needs to build another third-party system on top of Asterisk to support the creation of tenants. FreeSWITCH development services can develop a multi-tenant solution to create multiple instances of a call center solution and run a revenue-generating model like software as a service (SaaS), UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), or PaaS (Product as a Service).

This characteristic of FreeSWITCH opens the doors of opportunities for entrepreneurs that want to build a revenue-generating business in this industry, which is not possible with an Asterisk-based solution.

4. Parallel Call Support

One of the most noteworthy advantages of using the FreeSWITCH consulting service to develop a custom solution for call centers is support for parallel calls and extensions. FreeSWITCH is renowned for offering exceptional quality of service and handling 100% more concurrent calls with the same configuration compared to other development technologies used to develop a contact center solution. It can support both internal extension calling and outbound calls to mobile networks or PSTN networks along with calls made to the VoIP networks.

That means when you develop software for call centers using FreeSWITCH, you will need fewer hardware components, and still, you can achieve double performance. This not just increases the benefits of using a high-performing solution, but it also reduces expenses over software and hardware. This creates a win-win situation for the businesses that use a FreeSWITCH based call center system.

5. Rich Communication Support

Nowadays, all communication solution development technologies in the VoIP industry support rich communication channels like video, messaging, texting, etc. along with voice. But FreeSWITCH surpasses all of them in terms of quality of communication and quality of services. Moreover, it is a very flexible platform and therefore, you can add APIs of other popular communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It is not that other VoIP technologies don’t support the integration of communication or platform APIs, but the whole mechanism is quite hassle-free and sleek with FreeSWITCH development. That is why developing an omnichannel call center solution is easier and better with FreeSWITCH compared to all other development platforms and technologies in the VoIP industry.

6. Scalability

Companies that offer a FreeSWITCH consulting service have claimed that it is one of the most scalable platforms in the industry. This is the reason it is used to develop various enterprise-grade platforms, multi-tenant solutions, high-call traffic systems, and similar platforms. As we all know, the call center industry is one of the most competitive and rapidly growing industries, and businesses that work in this industry are facing really fast growth. The software that your business uses must have the capacity to meet the expectations of this fastest-growing industry. The scalability of FreeSWITCH makes sure that the call center software developed using FreeSWITCH can provide quick scalability to continue offering the best services using this customer care solution.

7. Device Deployment

FreeSWITCH is more versatile for device deployment. Unlike Asterisk, it can provision any IP phone and SIP Softphone for call center solutions to provide communication services. Even integration of FreeSWITCH and WebRTC is possible, so web phones can be integrated within the call center software by FreeSWITCH developers to make use of the software easy and seamless communication.

Concluding Notes

A FreeSWITCH based call center system has several advantages to offer compared to other development technologies in the VoIP industry. Whether you want to build a simple system or a complicated, multi-tenant, omnichannel call center solution, using FreeSWITCH development can give you a competitive edge with its future-proof functionalities and competitive benefits as discussed in this blog post.

Depending on your vision and mission, you can get any type of customized software developed and use it to seize all revenue generating opportunities. The experienced developers or reliable companies offering FreeSWITCH development services can help you unleash the power of this technology in developing the best software.

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