Top Things To Do In Jaipur

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A vivid amalgamation of the old and new mix in Jaipur. In Jaipur, you can find numerous palaces and forts as well as urban communities and shopping districts. Exploring these places is a wide range of enjoyable activities in Jaipur. You can create a treasure trove of memories during your visit to Jaipur by visiting the many monuments, forts, bazaars and cafes. You can book your flights from Pune to Jaipur Flight with Lowest Flight fare and enjoy a trip. It is also possible to go on an excursion on a camel, experience Rajasthani tradition at the resort village, purchase Rajasthani trinkets and juttis at the bazaars, and eat delicious Lal Maas along with Ghewar when you visit the city of awe. Explore the royal streets in the Pink City and have an memorable trip. 

Best Things To Do In Jaipur

Jaipur is an amazing city brimming with adventures. The city of regal splendor offers a variety of things to do, not only forts and palaces of the royal family for you to discover and explore; however, it also offers something exciting and thrilling to satisfy your thirst for excitement. Here are the activities you can do next time located in The Pink City for a memorable and exciting holiday.

1. Jal Mahal: Visit This Marvel!

Take a look at the extravagant architectural styles that blend Mughal and Rajput aspects At Jal Mahal or Water Palace in Jaipur. The fort is an exquisite jewel tucked away in the Nahargarh hills and located in the Mansagar Lake. It was originally built to serve as a summer retreat to the Royal Family, and was used to host duck hunting celebrations. But, it’s impossible to stay in the palace since it is under renovation.

2. Lohagarh Fort Resort: Stay At This Exotic Spot!

A stay at Lohagarh Fort Resort is one of the top activities to experience in Jaipur since you can enjoy the splendor in this Pink City. The multiple award-winning eco-friendly theme property is a perfect weekend getaway for honeymooners and families looking for a relaxing time. It is possible to enjoy the best distinctive accommodation available – Luxury Suites Cottages, Private villas and Tree houses. The pool is designed in a beach style stunning green gardens are just a few of the highlights of this amazing resort.

3. Nahargarh Fort

If you’re thinking of what you can do in Jaipur, take the bike and see the distinctive mix between Indian and European architectural styles in the magnificent Nahargarh Fort. According to the local legend, Nahar Singh Bhomia was an Rathore Prince who was unhappy with the development of the fort on his property and was haunted by the site. Jai Singh who was building the fort later sat down with its spirit and dedicated the fort with his name.

One of the most striking features of the palace is Madhavendra Bhawan, which has 12 suites identical for queens. The suites were designed to ensure the Maharaja have access to any queen’s room without anyone else being aware. One of the most enjoyable activities you can do while in Jaipur is to go exploring the fort, and then take an enlightening meal at the Padao Restaurant/Open Bar on the terrace of the palace, while taking in the stunning views across the city.

4. Chokhi Dhani: Watch Folk Dances!

If you’re in the market for a complete Rajasthani cultural experience, go to The Chokhi Dhani. It’s one of the most exciting things to do in Jaipur. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of this charming village resort, where you can experience show-like puppets, magic spectacles, Rajasthani folk performances, Acrobatics, camel rides, boating, elephant rides and more.

One of the most popular activities to experience during your stay in Jaipur is to savor the delectable Rajasthani cuisines in the restaurants that are open to the public. This is a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of city life. you can relax in nature and the rustic rural lifestyle.

5. Jaipur Bazaars: Shop For Souvenirs!

If you’re wondering what you should do in Jaipur You can go wild shopping in Jaipur where you’ll be able to purchase the best original and classic Rajasthani clothing and jewelry. Purchase precious stones in Johari Bazaar, pick up lac jewelry at Tripolia Bazar, shop for marble sculptures at Chandpole Bazar and get some amazing discounts on wooden items and vibrant crafts at Mirza Ismail Road (MI. Road). The shopping experience is, in actuality, one of the most popular activities to enjoy in Jaipur. Exploring Lucknow Made Easy Rent a Tempo Traveller with Taxiyatri

You can also purchase Rajasthani blue pottery and juttis in Nehru Bazaar and mojari shoes and leather items in Bapu Bazaar. Shopping is among the top activities you can do while in Jaipur.

6. Rajasthani Cuisine: Relish Local Flavors!

Jaipur is a paradise for foodies where you can find mouthwatering Rajasthani exotic dishes such as Dal-bati-churma Mawa Kachori, Mirchi Bada Ghewar, Mirchi Bada, and many more. To enjoy some mouth-watering Lal Maas try Niros or Handi at MI Road, enjoy some Murli paan, eat as a Maharaja during 1135 AD and then enjoy the authentic mithai in Laxmi Misthan Bhandar.

It is also possible to go the healthy route and indulge in local organic food in Anokhi Cafe. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities you can do while in Jaipur in the evening when you can simply relax with a good book on the mooda seating. If you are looking for lavish French delights such as croissants and creme brulees visit the Dzurt Patisserie or Cafe. The Lassiwala lassi is definitely delectable and a must on your next trip to Jaipur.

7. Jaipur Nightlife: Party Till You Drop!

Jaipur is a vibrant city with an interesting nightlife, and you can dance all night long here. One of the most enjoyable activities that you could do in Jaipur during the night is to visit the most popular nightclubs in Jaipur like 100 percent rock Bar & Restaurant, Dragon Bar & Terrace Lounge, Grunge, Cocoa House, and Restro Foresto. It’s among the top activities to experience in Jaipur during the night.

Dance to the beats of the groovy, eat delicious food and drinks, and sip various cocktails in these nightclubs.

8. Folk Festivals: Embrace The Culture!

Enjoy the festivities in The Pink City where Gangaur and Teej are enjoyed with the same enthusiasm like the Kite celebration as well as the Dhulandi Festival. Sprinkle dry Gula (color) on one another as while dancing to the tunes that are folklore-based Hindi popular songs. The festival occurs in March every year, at Khasa Kothi. Khasa Kothi. There’s also a tour bus which takes you through the city to witness the colorful celebrations.

One of the most enjoyable activities to enjoy when you are in Jaipur can be to take a kite flight on Man Sagar lake. Man Sagar lake during the Kite festival and enjoy delicious cuisines such as Dal-Ke Pakoras and Til-Ke Ladu’. Another festival that is popular to take part in is Gangaur festival, which is celebrated during the month of Chaitra (March-April). The festival is a celebration of marriage between God Shiva as well as Goddess Parvati. Women embellish their palms or fingers with the color of henna on the day of auspiciousness and wish for happiness in a married life.

9. Jaipur Literature Fest: Attend This Grand Event!

Jaipur isn’t just famous for its bazaars and forts. This historic city is also the place where great writers meet each year. Jaipur Literature Festival Jaipur Literature Festival is one of the nation’s most prestigious literary festivals and has hosted famous names such as Amish Tripathi Hanif Kureishi His Highness the 14th Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Orhan Pamuk, Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Stephen Fry, and many more.

It is among the most sought-after activities you can do when in Jaipur where the soothing Sufi tunes create the perfect background for discussions and readings.

10. Heritage Hotel: Get Pampered!

Experience the magnificent heritage of Jaipur while staying at the hotels that are heritage in Jaipur. It is among the top activities you can do while in Jaipur because you can discover the history and splendor in Jaipur, the Pink City by viewing the majestic architecture, the expansive gardens as well as the lush greenery, and the peaceful alcoves that are part of these palaces. Experience the royal lifestyle at these hotels of the past and experience performances, puppet shows, cultural events as well as horse safaris and camel rides.

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