Ultimate Guide to DVC Resales

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If you’re a Disney fan and love visiting the theme parks and resorts, you may have heard of Disney Vacation Club (DVC). It’s a unique vacation ownership program that allows members to enjoy magical vacations year after year. While purchasing a DVC membership directly from Disney can be quite expensive, there is another option to consider – DVC resales. In this blog post, we’ll explore what DVC resales are, how they work, and the benefits they offer.

What are DVC Resales?

DVC resales are the buying and selling of Disney Vacation Club memberships on the secondary market, rather than directly from Disney. When a DVC member decides to sell their membership, they can list it for sale on various resale websites or through a licensed real estate broker specializing in DVC resales. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to purchase a DVC membership at a potentially lower cost than buying directly from Disney.

The Selling Process for DVC Resales

If you’re a DVC member looking to sell your membership, the resale process can be relatively straightforward. You can either list your membership for sale yourself or work with a licensed real estate broker specializing in DVC resales. Once a buyer is found, the transfer of ownership is handled by Disney, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction for both parties involved.


DVC resales offer a fantastic opportunity for Disney enthusiasts to become part of the magical world of Disney Vacation Club at a more affordable price. Whether you’re looking to buy a DVC membership or considering selling your existing one, exploring the resale market can provide you with a range of options and benefits. So, if you’re dreaming of endless Disney vacations, consider DVC resales as your ticket to the magic!

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