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What are the career prospects after completing real estate courses in India?

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The real estate industry in India has always been a career path full of possibilities, irrespective of one’s profession, education or gender. With a continuous increase of interest towards this market, many are now hoping to pursue education from skilled professors and instructors through specialised courses that will help them gain more insights and knowledge about real estate. To be able to handle this industry’s dynamic and thrilling nature, a pursuit of real estate and property management courses has always been welcomed by those who aspire to have a booming career in this field. 

Real estate and property management courses 

To have a strong hold on the real estate domain, pursuing a specialised programme like MBA in Real estate Management will help you strengthen your strengths and provide you with invaluable knowledge as well as opportunities. A specialisation course in real estate management will broaden your perspective of this industry as well as equip you with skill sets that will help you explore diverse career paths in India.

Career Prospectives In India

For Real Estate has always been a diverse industry, after completing your Masters in real estate there are many career paths that one can follow. Some of them are as follows: 

  1. Developer: A developer is in charge of planning, designing and executing residential, commercial or mixed-use projects, that shape the urban landscape. 
  2. Investor: An Investor usually invests either for themselves or for their clients. Their role is to analyse the market, form investment strategies based on those analizations and manage portfolios for their respective clients.
  3. Property Manager: A property manager’s role is to oversee the operational activities of the properties, which mainly entails of managing tenant relations, property maintenance and finance of residential, commercial or industrial properties.
  4. Broker: A broker acts as an intermediator in buying, selling or leasing properties. 
  5. Consultant: A consultant provides guidance to their clients based on their knowledge and strategies. 
  6. Financial Services: People in this field offer financial services like mortgage lending, securities and many others playing a crucial role in the real estate industry. 
  7. Property Evaluator: A property Evaluator develops their expertise in property valuation by determining the market value of both residential and commercial properties for lenders, investors, and private clients.

Though there are many career perspectives in this industry, it also has a challenging and competitive side. Your salary will vary depending on this factor itself. One’s success in this industry is often backed up by their competitiveness and skillset. However, experience, specialisations and the type of company you work under also play a vital role in your salary potential.   

Which college provides the best course in real estate management?

RICS SBE, Amity University! Unlock boundless opportunities with their MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure (REUI), one of the best real estate and property management courses! With the help of this programme, you can easily imagine yourself as a veteran real estate consultant, offering your expertise to clients on their property endeavours. 

At RICS SBE, you would get international exposure like nowhere else! They send their students abroad for internships, conduct research, and organise international guest lectures in India. They also train their students on RICS Pathways and Competencies and help them inculcate skill sets that make them productive in the workplace.


The real estate industry in India offers a wide range of career opportunities and pursuing an MBA in Real Estate Management can be your first step towards those opportunities. During your time in this programme, you will gain knowledge and skills that will set you apart from your peers and support your background all the while contributing to your growth and success.

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