What Is the Best Credit Card for Fuel Purchases in India?

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Choosing the best credit card, especially for fuel purchases, is not as difficult as it seems. Considering factors like fees/hidden charges involved in fuel transactions, reward points, and the partner vendors associated with the financial institutions is important. On contrary to ever-raising fuel costs in the country, getting relaxation on the expenses is always pleasing.

Rather than bearing the burden of using cash or any other credit card with zero offers, it is highly recommended to do homework well; look for the best credit card in India that offers benefits while fueling the vehicle. And there are quite a few of them.

Here are a credit card’s key features that give maximum fuel station benefits.

Factors To Consider Before Picking The Credit Card For Fuel Purchases

Reward Points

The first and foremost factor to consider is the reward points. Several credit cards consider fuel transactions separately while calculating reward points and don’t include these purchases in the overall spending. However, some providers allow fuel surcharge waivers and include monthly fuel spending while calculating reward points. This dual benefit is only provided by a few credit cards. When it comes to reward points, also consider the validity. At the same time, choosing a card with lifetime validity is advisable.

Fuel Vendor Partnerships

Choose the credit card that offers many choices from fuel vendors. Look for partnership vendors that are within the vicinity.

Ease of Access

Another critical point to acknowledge is the ease of using the credit card app and the ease of redeeming reward points. It is a considerable aspect if the given voucher is easy to use or causes difficulty.

Other Benefits

Besides fuel benefits, consider other benefits like fees, auto-debit facility from credit cards, and other savings and discount offers. Beware of finance charges or any other hidden charge that may be minutely mentioned in the terms and conditions. Go for options that offer in-app discounts valid on other merchant purchases, especially discounts on travel or restaurant bookings.

Final Words

It is extremely important to understand and analyse spending habits when it comes to selecting a credit card. Multiple credit cards come with different offers, benefits, and perks. However, make sure to research properly before applying for a card based on your requirements. Credit card issuers offering additional benefits or fuel surcharge waivers can be beneficial.

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