wholesale part worn tyre

Wholesale part worn tyres

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Whether you buy your used tyres tyre from a private individual or an automobile professional, few of you think about checking the tires of the vehicle they are about to purchase. However, tires are an integral part of the elements allowing you to negotiate the price of the vehicle. Focus on a few situations that could lower the bill.  

Check tire wear

Here is the case which is probably the most frequent and the most easily detectable when the tyres buy back is done directly with a private seller: the tires of the vehicle you wish to buy are worn out. At that point, take the trouble to notify the seller and find out about part worn tyres wholesale bristol prices via our comparator. You can then negotiate a price reduction to spread the cost of changing tires. 

Check that you have been fitted with the correct tires

If you don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises at the technical inspection, also remember to check the dimensions of the tires fitted to the vehicle. The dimensions approved for the tyres are present on a label, stuck to the side of the passenger side door. We remind you that it is possible to increase the load and speed indices but not to decrease them. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to call your Part Worn Tyres Wholesale who will be able to advise you. For more information on the meaning of dimensions, you can consult our section how to read a tire. 

The tire, a brand story

A rushed and unscrupulous seller sometimes makes questionable choices to sell his tires at the best cheap wholesale part worn tyres birmingham. Among the frequent actions, changing tires is well positioned. The operation consists of equipping the vehicle with new tires by choosing the cheapest tires possible.  

Unfortunately, these first-price tires, although first in price, for the most part, do not focus on longevity or safety. Some sellers even go so far as to use the “new tires” argument to justify a high price. Don’t be fooled! Here again, negotiate the price down and do not delay in changing these poor quality tires as soon as you purchase them. 

Avoid second-hand tires

More difficult to detect than inexpensive tires, a final practice consists of equipping the tires for sale with Wholesale part worn tyres from major brands second-hand! As a buyer, although used tires are not a bad thing in themselves, we advise you to avoid them! Indeed, the performance of used tires is theoretically not impaired if and only if you can ensure that these tires do not come from damaged tyress. In reality, this control is almost impossible. The ideal would be to request the latest maintenance invoices and note the origin of the tires.

As you will have understood, sellers are full of tips to sell you their vehicle at the desired price. From now on, don’t forget to take the tires into account in your negotiation to lower the bill.


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