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Why is Malaysia’s education system so bad compared to Singapore?

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It can be difficult to compare the educational systems of different nations, so it’s crucial to take into account a number of variables that affect each system’s strengths and weaknesses. Even though Singapore’s educational system is frequently thought to perform better than Malaysia’s in terms of overall performance, it is not accurate to categorically label Malaysia’s educational system as “bad.”

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Difference between both the education systems-

  1. Investment in Education

Singapore has historically prioritized education and made significant financial investments in its educational infrastructure. The government has set aside a sizable sum of money to upgrade the school system’s facilities, recruit teachers with advanced degrees, and create challenging curricula. Singapore has benefited from these investments in achieving high rankings in international evaluations.

  1. Curriculum and Assessment

The Singaporean curriculum is renowned for its emphasis on fundamental subjects like science and mathematics. The curriculum is consistently revised to reflect changes in industry demands and international standards. There have been calls for further curriculum improvements in Malaysia in order to increase relevance and effectiveness.

  1. Accountability and Strong Governance

Singapore’s education system benefits from centralized decision-making and a solid governance framework. This ensures a constant standard of quality and better policy coordination and implementation across all schools. Malaysia’s education system is more decentralized, with federal and state governments sharing decision-making.

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