Why is microneedling the most popular treatment?

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Smooth, flawless, and glowing skin rejuvenates your personality and makes you an optimistic and amiable person. Microneedling in Islamabad is one of the best ways to revive your lost charm by removing several skin conditions and adding radiance and brightness. Dermatologists have developed several skincare products and treatments to reinvigorate the skin. This blog will explain why microneedling is the most popular treatment.

Microneedling in Islamabad: Overview

This is a cosmetic procedure that is also called collagen induction therapy. This procedure creates superficial or limited injuries on the treated site of the skin via fine and sterile needles. The purpose of creating these minor injuries is to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. When this procedure is performed, micro-cutting or injuries on the skin are made, which fosters the production of collagen and elastin.

What is The Procedure?

As this procedure involves limited injuries or cuts, a skincare professional conducts an initial assessment before initiating the treatment and discusses any specific concerns or objectives of the patient to produce optimal results. The procedure starts by administering a topical numbing cream to eliminate the possibility of pain and discomfort. Following that, the professional begins the procedure and creates micro-injuries with the help of a specialized microneedling device. He rotates the device on the treated area. Further, he may also apply topical serums or hyaluronic acid before and after the procedure based on the specific objectives of the patient.

Microneedling in Islamabad: Benefits and

  • Augments the body’s natural healing process
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • Adds elasticity, firmness, and brightness to the skin
  • It makes the skin appear refined and more youthful
  • Addresses skin-related issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation
  • Minimally invasive in nature, reducing the downtime of the healing process
  • Microneedling in Islamabad also reduces stretch and birthmarks and deals with acne scars
  • It makes the skin shine and glow and improves the texture and complexion of the skin
  • This is a customized treatment that can be applied to various parts of the body

Why is Microneedling The Most Popular Treatment?

Microneedling addresses a range of skin conditions, such as wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin texture, and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Furthermore, this cosmetic treatment applies to almost everyone, and various body parts can be treated through this procedure. Its wide range of benefits, minimally invasive nature, versatility, effectiveness, fewer side effects, and enduring results make it worth considering as a popular skincare treatment.

Is Microneedling safe?

It is a safe and secure skincare treatment, especially if performed by a professional. This procedure aims to create small or micro-injuries on the skin surface to augment the body’s healing process. Besides, the duration of this treatment is also limited, as is its healing period. By considering these factors, you can find out that this is a safe and secure procedure.

Microneedling in Islamabad: Suitable Candidate

  • People with acne scars, stretch marks, and surgical marks
  • People with uneven skin texture and complexion
  • People aim to add firmness and elasticity to their skins
  • Individuals looking for a glowing and bright skin tone
  • Individuals looking for minimally invasive treatment
  • Individuals who understand the procedure and have realistic expectations

Post-operative Measures:

  • Keep the treated area clean and use a gentle cleaner to remove impurities
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing and the use of exfoliating products
  • Keep your treated area protected from the sun
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid touching the treated area to keep the skin hygienic
  • Do not apply products that cause irritation
  • Keep in contact with your practitioner

Summing Up:

Microneedling in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure carried out to treat numerous skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and hyperpigmentation and improve the skin’s texture, glow, and complexion by stimulating collagen production. This procedure is popular because of several reasons: diverse benefits, minimally invasive nature, customized treatment, safe and secure procedure, and versatility factor. 

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